awkward/awesome thursday a day late

playing the dance dance revolution game and having it being a lot harder than remembered.-
fell asleep at 9:30 while waiting for husband to get home from a game (this never happens).-
getting in a fight with a copy machine.-
having stupid little centipedes in our house.-
i feel like everyone is getting pregnant so it makes me ponder about having one.-
being late for awkward/awesome thursday. SORRY!-
not being very good at eating leftovers.-
having to correct some math problems for the kids and not being the greatest person in math
(good thing it's easy math).-

-husband doing the dishes that I have been avoiding for two days.
-skyping with one of my besties hide.
-husband did laundry.
-my awesome friend RILEY asked me to be maid of honor. So stoked!!
-little kids doing their cute potty dance.
-getting hugs from the cute little students oh how i love them.
-it's my mommy's birthday tomorrow.
-i am flying home on sunday to see my family.
-a little boy in my primary class is getting baptized tomorrow yay!!!
-superbowl sunday means FOOD FOOD FOOD.
-get to watch my very handsome hubby play baseball tomorrow
(he looks GREAT in baseball pants).

Well tomorrow I'm hoping to catch some sun rays while watching my hubs play baseball. Then Sunday I am headed home for a couple days sadly leaving my hubby home to go to school. But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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