I have been tagged by Brielle the author of  Him&Her to play this wonderful questionnaire game. She has asked me twelve questions to answer for you all.

-My Fun Facts-
[1] I am addicted to s'mores.
[2] I grew up on a ranch but never once did I learn to drive the tractor.
[3] I broke my nose and didn't even know it.
[4] I use my fingers to add and subtract, yes I'm that cool.
[5] I never answer my phone if it's and unknown number. I figure if it's that important they'll leave a voice mail.
[6] I want to learn how to surf really really bad.
[7] I use the word SO like it's going out of style and the hubby always gets a little angry with it :]
[8] I am super scared of sharks, but completely obsessed with them.
Really though I did a research paper on them.
[9] I married the boy that I have had a crush on since the sixth grade.
[10] I love watching Pretty Little Liars and Jane By Design.
[11] I want a St. Bernard very badly (they're so cute).
[12] I love finding new blogs to follow and having other bloggers follow me.

[Q] What was your favorite thing that happened today?
[A] I came home to find that my husband set up the Dance Dance revolution Universe game up for me.
[Q] What did you always want to be "when you grew up?"
[A] I have always, always wanted to be a professional ballet dancer and dance all over the world. 
[Q] How would describe love in one sentence?
[A] Wow...there are many ways to describe love. So instead here is one of my favorite quotes:
Choose your love, and love your choice -Thomas S. Monson
[Q] What is your favorite color of nail polish?
[A] I really like the pastel colors, Butter polish from American Apparel is my usual go to.
[Q] Who is your favorite band or artist?
[A] Mindy Gledhill, I absolutely love her!! (linked one of my favorite songs)
[Q] Short or long hair? Why?
[A] I want long hair so badly and wish it would grow faster. But honestly I really do like both, let's face it I like to change it up once in awhile.
[Q] How many kids do have/want to have?
[A] I really would like to have three two boys and a girl like my family. But really the order doesn't matter I am just excited to start my family when we're ready.
[Q] What is the ideal date?
[A] As long as I'm with my husband than I couldn't ask for more.
[Q] Why do you blog?
[A] I blog to stay in touch with some friends and really for fun.
[Q] What is your dream car?
[A] Oh boy would I love to have a 1967 Mustang or a Range Rover.
[Q] What is the last thing you said aloud?
[A] While watching the Bachelor I tend to call the girls crazy like they can hear me.
[Q] Are you more of a morning person or a night owl?
[A] Usually it depends on what day it is.

So I didn't follow the rules because I was suppose to tag 12 bloggers and make 12 new questions
but the truth is my brain is super fried from today (sorry).
Thank you Brielle for the tag.

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