awkward/awesome thursday

-being called mrs. noodle from the kids i help teach at my new job :)
-walking home from the library in the dark.
-conversations with the kiddos while helping them in the bathroom, they honestly say the funniest things.
-i find myself watching a lot of the disney channel, wizardly waverly place is one of my favs.
-being jealous of a 5 year old who dresses absolutely adorable.
-trying to remember to say mrs in front of teachers names instead of sister. (only have slipped up twice)

-my wonderful hubby did the laundry.
-my wonderful hubby did all the dishes.
-my wonderful hubby having dinner ready when i got home. (he is honestly the greatest)
-got a library card and got the book One For The Money. Janet Evanovich writes this series and it's really funny. The movie is coming out this month YAY!!!
-this month all my shows come back on...you have no idea how excited i am.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like a good day to me (: Kids are sooooo funny!