Motivate Me Mondays

So thanks to pinterest I get a lot of motivation and fitness tips from there. I found this one one workout named Cellulite Schmellulite. I did not do it as many times as I should of last week but I really liked it. Hopefully I can do better with it this week. But honestly who likes cellulite...it's a very cruel thing that sometimes will get us. I took doing sports and being active in High School for granted. Now I hardly do anything at all. So adding this little workout to your day is great. It's fast and easy to do at home, just the way I like it. I don't have a pass to a gym so my home is my gym. So it's so nice to have these nice little workouts that can be done at home. Besides you can do this when your sitting there watching your favorite show.

Even though that it's getting colder and the swimsuits get put away for vacation. Does not mean that my legs nor my body gets a vacation. That just means I need to work even harder to get a nice body ready for the next swimsuit season :)

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