S'more what?!?

Spending time with the husband is by far the best thing on this planet. For our two month anniversary my lovely hubby is such a sweetheart and brought up the idea that we should make s'mores for dessert. Might i add that we haven't have a s'more for like i don't know ever..and they're my favorite treat. They turned our magically nummy like always. So as we cuddled up on our couch watched the X-Factor and cheered on the ones we wanted to win; enjoying our wonderfully scrumptious s'mores. 
P.S. i really wish they would cut down on the commercials though, it does not have to be that long, and we'd like to see more of the singing than boring commercials thank you!!

Well it's finally FRIDAY...i'm so excited because my husband gets to come home earlier today, and no practices tomorrow. Finally i don't have to share my handsome devil :] For date night tonight will be spent in our lovely apartment watching the football game BYU vs Utah State. 
And of course my new favorite tv series Up All Night.

Okay honestly this will be Shae & I when we have our first baby..lol not everything they do but the absolute chaos fits us to perfectly. 

We will be lying low this weekend which i am way excited for. Listening to General Conference and of course playing my favorite, conference bingo. Spending quality time with hubby listening to the amazing speakers that have been chosen. I am also hoping we will be able to make some cinnamon rolls, muddy buddies, or at least eating some kind of treat. I can't have a weekend where there is no sweets involved, my mommy taught me well :]

-well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend-
*happy fall*


Lucy said...

This is really random but i just read a book and they had s'mores and i had no idea what they were!! But they look sooo good! you have a really cute blog! xoxo

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i love smores! i think i'm going to make myself some tonight!!
xo TJ