what a horrid habit...you might say


this dress

these shoes

 the iphone 4

new camera

new purse

But oh  yeah these NEEDS get in my way

My new life story is, wanting almost everything I can’t have. How ridiculous am I right? With everything being a MUST have, instead of oh that can wait no big deal. It’s become a complete retched habit of mine that I wish I could get away from.  So as I come across new items it starts out liking than loving and before I know it they have become my obsessions. All I want to do is stick a pin it and put it in the back of my mind when I know I can afford  it!!  This wicked, monstrous sort of addiction needs to high-tail it out of my head before my wants become my must haves. (If only that were really the case, I probably wouldn’t be blogging them as wants, but as my new prized possessions.) But a girl can dream right! Maybe after I get my NEEDS I may be able to receive ..most.. of my wants :D.

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