Dear School.


So school started yesterday and it has not been really that bad. But I can honestly say last night was my last night without homework. I am not happy about it but the school season is here and there is no use of arguing about it. My classes are Psychology, Statistics, Chemistry, and online Dance class. The dance class sounds super easy it's not I am learning the whole history of dance and it's going to take up half of my time. I really wish I was already done with school but that is why I am here in the computer lab writing a blog post instead of doing homework. I will definitely have to work on doing the homework first next time. Shae has a more packed schedule then I do, poor guy. We're both ready to pull our hair out and we're only on the second day. Is that bad? Hopefully studying will come a lot easier for the both of us now that we have paid out of our wazoo just to go here.

Things will get better when the leaves turn to colors and start to fall. When the cool breeze comes and sweaters and scarves are okay to wear. I cannot wait for fall I am really excited to decorate for Halloween. I know there is still awhile but I am ready to carve some pumpkins and decorate in black and orange. When the snow comes I'm sure I'll be wishing for summer again but that is just the cycle we all go through.

Well wish me luck. I am hoping school won't be the death of me.

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