Well we are back to our wonderful town of little old Malad. It's good to be back home where all our family is. You'd be surprised how much you miss your little town when you leave it. We are still in the process of unpacking. Very difficult to come home to a very little closet when in California I had a walk in closet. So things might just have to stay in boxes around here until we move for school. Thank heavens this move will only be 45 minutes away instead of going 12 hours. Much much better if I do say so myself. So for now we are bouncing back and forth between our parents houses which doesn't bother me really. It's nice to spend time with both parents and not have to drive super far to go see one another.

  We sure enjoyed our last couple of weeks in California with our friends. Shae and I went on the drive of Big Sur with two amazing people,Bruce and Lenore. The wonderful Anderson family threw us a go away party. My parents came to help us move...thank heavens or we wouldn't of gotten it all moved back here. Having my parents in Salinas with us was a lot of fun. We showed them around pretty much every where in two stinking days. We're pretty amazing we know :) but we went to Carmel, Monterey, Pebble Beach Golf Course, the aquarium, and San Francisco. It was a lot of driving plus the 12 hour drive we had coming for us on our way home. But we made it and had a lot of fun. We sure miss our wonderful friends in California but we know we'll be back to visit them soon.


(my cousin Lenore and her wonderful husband Bruce)

(my wonderful dad and mom...and my adorably hubby)

(the super pretty purple sand)

(our future house...yeah no big deal)

(my favorite person ever...Louise)

(my oyster i picked out for my first pearl)

(we walked the whole golden gate bridge...4 miles)

We loved California we had a lot fun there and met a lot of great people.

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Riley White said...

Looks like you guys had tons of fun! So sad I couldn't come because you know I would have loved to!