I ran my first 5k on Saturday!! So here is the story my friend Laurie text me the night before asking me if I wanted to go run a 5k in Salinas. I said sure because I was going to go running that morning anyways. Got to her house thinking she had it all mapped out on where we were running and everything. I asked where we running to. Laurie asked if this was my first time. So here I was stunned trying to think what she meant by that. Then it hit me, are we going to a race. Sure enough it was and that's where we were headed. I was kind of excited for it since it was my first time. Finishing up the race was such a big accomplishment. I felt great all day knowing that I did it and ran the whole way. Yeah I know some people think that 3.1 miles is not that amazing but I think where ever I go and I run the whole way is great for me.

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