a tid bit under the weather

Hello Blogger World,

Lately this has been me..

   Boy have I missed you lovelies!! This past week I seriously have been on my death bed...okay so not actually on my death bed but I should of been. I couldn't miss work because I am training another girl for the front desk. They would tell me to go home but I would just tell them no I'm fine. Honestly I probably should of went home and to get better. I still have this awful little bug but good note I am a lot better than I was on Monday. This week is my SPRING BREAK thank heavens. So hopefully having a break I will be able to really get better.  Last night we hung out with friends on the beach with our sweet bonfire. We had a blast!! Pictures will surely be shared next post. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter!!!

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ms.composure said...

i HATE HATE being sick! so good to hear you are feeling better!! :-)