awkward/awesome thursday

-sometimes the looks people give...i mean really.
-being called baby by an older man (he was being sarcastic but still a little strange).
-having the waitress at olive garden tell us they have ran out of lasagna rollada al forno.
That's like having In-N-Out run out of burgers.
are you serious it's already march-
-forgetting what day we got married...no big deal ha. 
-helping a boy to the bathroom and he insisting he use the girls bathroom but wash his hands in the boys :).
-loving a commercial and telling everyone about it and them not finding it not as funny.

-working at a primary school is really the best ever.
-hearing little students yell your name Mrs. Neal as you walk through the door.
-having a good meal meeting up with wonderful hometown friends.
-spending extra time to cuddle with my cuddle bug hubby.
-tomorrow is friday.
-this weeks forecast. Hello Beach!!

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Cindy and Jordan said...

that sounds like when I went to subway one time and they ran out of bread :/ VERY AWKWARD