awkward/awesome thursday

watching a 17 year old boy throw a fit like a two year old.-
valentines is coming way to fast when my present is forming slow.-
beeing addicted to pinterest.-
wanting every piece of clothing i pin.
being so excited to go to H&M it's seriously ridiculous.-
crazy prices of plane tickets just cause of valentines week.-

-i am here in my hometown until sunday.
-seeing my wonderful family and lovely in-laws.
-love coming home to the best dog in the world Buford.
-get to spend the day with Riley and Mamma Berg.
-seeing the best no greatest mustache in the world.
-been working out everyday.
-a miracle has happened que drums please....MY HAIR IS GROWING.
-i can't wait to go see the movie The Vow with my adorable hubby i think it's gonna be good.
-having amazing home cooked meals. note: the hubs still does a good job
-finding raspberries and blackberries in the fridge.
-it's almost friday
Happy Thursday!!

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