awkward/awesome thursday

-getting a call at seven in the morning and it was the wrong number hate when that happens (not really awkward more annoying).
-okay those singers on american idol that think they can sing amazing.
-sadly my cupcake wasn't all that delicious.
-my age being guessed first it was 25 and than 14 haha...kids say the funniest things.
-getting a little emotional for some american idol contestants that have amazing stories and make it to holleywood.

-having some sweet new art work hanging on my fridge from the little kids i help with at school.
-this saturday is going to be 72 degrees.
-beach day on saturday...i think yes.
-babysitting the cutest little boys ever.
-this weekend is a major big weekend!!
-getting a cupcake this week :]
-my parents are celebrating their 24th anniversary tomorrow.
-28 more days until my birthday.

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brielle dubois said...

i seriously hate early morning wrong numbers! thee worst. love your blog! i tagged you in a post: http://brielleandscott.blogspot.com/2012/01/tag-youre-it.html

come check it out!